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SDP has negotiated a site collective agreement with representatives of the Iron Workers Union, Local 764, Carpenters Union, Local 579, and Labourers’ Union, Local 1208. The three unions have formed the Council of Construction Trades Inc. to represent construction workers who will work on the project. These unions represent approximately 90% of the expected trade hours required for the project. The Council has arranged to source any additional required skilled trades for the project from the various building and construction trade unions within the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. For any employment inquiries about working on the project, please contact your provincial trade union representative.

In addition to skilled trades, SDP is also actively recruiting for the following positions for the West White Rose Project, qualified applicants interested are encouraged to submit a resume and cover letter electronically.

Job ID Job Title Open Date Close Date Location
SDP00000 General Employment Application Open Date:01/01/2018 Close Date:12/31/2023 Location:Argentia, NL Apply

SDP00000 | General Employment Application

SDP General Partnership welcomes all applications to the project.

Should you not see a role you’re qualified for, please submit your resume online through this channel. Should your application match a future need we’ll be in contact with you.

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Companies and contractors hiring for the West White Rose project are required to follow the principles set out in the Atlantic Accord legislation, which requires that “individuals residing in the Province shall be given first consideration for training and employment in the work program”. SDP is equally committed to providing access to employment of qualified candidates to ensure an equitable and diversified workplace.