Health & Safety

Health and safety are priorities for SDP constructing the Project in Argentia. The Pennecon Health and Safety Management system has been selected for use, in part because this management system is already known to many in the local workforce.

With the platform destined to be more than 140 metres in height and diameter, maintaining all safety principles for working at height will be critically important. Behavioural-based safety, regular site and executive inspections, audits, compliance and awareness training are a few of the practices that will be launched. A variety of controls, training, posters and an inspection system will also be created to facilitate the Drops Program.

The Project will be measured and treated with extreme discipline when it comes to leading and lagging indicator achievements. Total Recordable Injury Frequency and Lost Time Injury Frequency will be measured as lagging indicators. Leading indicators will include POST cards completed, number of inspections, training hours, hazard reports and audits.